Help for Those Struggling Financially

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot of friends and family members who are in bad financial situations. Some have lost jobs. Others seem to have just made bad decisions about the way they handle their budget. For family members I have that are struggling to make ends meet while affording medications and doctor visits I have a lot of compassion. But for those who just seem to be wasting money on silly things (Halloween decorations, fancy cars, eating out) I have a difficult time drumming up sympathy. Does anyone else feel this way?

But while I’m more willing to personally help those whose struggles seem beyond their own control, there are lots of programs to help anyone struggling financially– regardless of how they got there. Here are a few to check out:

211- Call this number to connect with the United Way hotline. They will let you know about programs and resources in your community that can help you if you’re struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck. This is a website offering grants and financial assistance to those in need. There is an application process and several requirements must be met, but it is also a resource for those who need funds.

Angel Food Ministries- No matter how much money you make you can still participate in Angel Food Ministries. It’s a low cost way to get high quality food for your family.

Your Local Church- While many churches are having a hard time meeting demands of their communities it’s still a great place to ask.

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