Get Easy Money and Free Stuff from Big Companies

In an attempt to engage consumers and make them brand ambassadors, lots of companies are giving away free stuff. You can get great prizes like a $100,000 salary or a free national commercial. Here are some examples:

Mutual of Omaha Aha

Moment: Mutual of Omaha is looking for people to feature in its upcoming commercials. Rather than hiring actors they’re using this as an opportunity to get more publicity by holding a nationwide tour. People can sign up for free to shoot their Aha Moments in cities around the country. If yours is chosen you’ll get free publicity in the form of a commercial airing around the country. Even if its not chosen, you’ll get free publicity on the company’s website.

Pepsi Refresh Project: Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars each month to ideas that are changing the world. It’s called the Pepsi Refresh Project. You can vote once a day for your favorite ideas. The ideas with the most votes will get the cash. If you didn’t get your idea in this time around you can still try for free money next month.

MTV TJ: MTV is searching for the world’s first TJ (Twitter Jockey). The winner of the MTV TJ Search will get exclusive access to events, a one year contract with MTV and a $100,000 salary. Plus you’ll get a title that no one else in the world has– that of Twitter Jockey.

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  1. lynne says:

    do big companies give people money to buy a house or pay off their bills. I want to buy a house in fl for 10,000

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