Expect the Blessing

The other day someone told me that if they hit the lottery they’d give me the ticket. I was the only person they knew that actually prayed about what to do with the windfall when it comes.

Several years back I began talking to God about what to do with the million dollar check that the man would show up at my door bringing. Then the lotteries began making news and I stretched my budget out a little farther. ‘Lord, when you bless me with 87 million dollars what do you want me to do with it?’

The scripture tells us to plan for the blessing and to expect it. So I plan for every possible scenario you can imagine – a long lost relative leaving me a giant inheritance or my first book hitting the best seller list and getting me a great big bonus check!

All this thinking and planning (and praying) has led to some surprises along the way. It seems that the more I challenge my scenario with different figures the fewer things I think about for myself. The last time I did the little exercise the amount spent on me and my immediate family was less than 25% of the winnings (and that included money set aside for investing).

What would you do with the money if you won the lottery or received a large inheritance? Make a list and then make a separate list with the things that you think God would want you to do with that same money. You might be shocked to find that over time the God list begins to consume my list.

It is my belief that when His list becomes the only list then the blessing will show up.

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  1. Atsila Waya Cook says:

    well said. God recently impressed “expect” on me… and HIS promises are YES and AMEN!!!

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