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  1. Items 1-3 I agree with, but bonds and muni bonds I’d have to respectfully disagree.

    If 2008 taught us anything it’s that your normal idea of “safe” isn’t safe.

    Many conservative investors with 80% in various bonds were still down 20% last year!

    What makes muni bonds even scarier right now is that there are many municipalities that are dead broke and begging for money from the Fed. If they don’t have cash, they certainly don’t have much money to be paying the interest on these notes.

    I’m not saying these aren’t viable investments, I would just classify these as “safer” and not “safe”.

  2. Joseph L. Sexton says:

    The only investment I will put money in now is a well researched STOCK, in a company that is flush with money & pays a decent dividend as in 4% & up. At least if it declines the dividend pays into my MM.

  3. Roger Metzler says:

    Its hard to know when the original article was posted, but Joseph is right. Muni bonds are going to be very scary. Would you want any Calif Muni bond? Any New York Muni bond, or muni bonds from any of the 15 or so other states flirting with bankruptcy? None of the muni bonds are going to get bailed out by their respective states.
    The rest of the points equally ignore the present market conditions


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