Lending Money To Friends And Family – The Christian Way

What does the Bible say about lending money? How can you deal with the problems that arise from lending to friends and family? This article gives some practical advice on lending money and keeping it in the Christian spirit.

Lending money, especially to family and friends, is a good Christian deed. We are trying to help out those who are in need. But with family and friends, it can be a sensitive issue.

What’s The Money For?

What’s The Money For?

There are some things to consider. For example, what is their reason for borrowing money? If a loved one is in some kind of serious trouble, a shot of cash may not be what they really need. For example, if someone you love is struggling with drugs, gambling or other self-destructive addictions, where do you think your money will go? They may tell you it’s for something else, but you can be sure the money will end up getting them deeper into their vice. In that case, lending money might not be such a good idea. If someone you love is in trouble, they don’t need money. What they need is self-reflection and prayer. Lending them money will only aid the cycle, and help them continue their spiral downward. What you, as a concerned friend or relative, should do is to help put an end to the cycle.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Expecting To Get The Money Back

The Bible tells us that there is nothing wrong with expecting to get the money back. As Christians, we must always be generous, but it is reasonable to expect re-payment. With friends and family, this might be a little more difficult, but still it is alright. On the other hand, a good Christian can forgive a debt when the situation calls for it. It was not uncommon for lenders in Biblical times to forgive debts. In fact, it was a tradition in Israel for debts to be forgiven once every 50 years, on a day called “Jubilee.” When you forgive a debt, remember that this debt may be repaid in the future by some other means. The next time you need something, your friend or loved one might be there to provide for you.

Let Go

One problem with lending money to friends and family is that it’s hard to let go. Once you’ve agreed to lend money, you no longer have control over how that money is spent. This is why it is important to consider the borrower’s motives and situation first. We have a tendency to be overbearing towards friends and family about money. When you lend money, you must be willing to forget about it and wait for the repayment. It is no longer yours to control, and this can be tough for some people. Also remember that, just because you are close to the borrower, you should never lend out more than you can afford to. This may sound obvious, but we have a tendency to disregard our usual boundaries when it comes to those we love. This could be a major mistake!

Don’t Lend… Give

The Lord looks favorably on any Christian who gives selflessly to others. Lending money can be complicated. There is always the issue of when and how it gets paid back, what the money is being used for, and the relationship between the borrower and lender. If a friend or loved one is in need of money, why not simply give it to them? This relieves the burden on both of you of worrying about how it will be repaid. And, it’s a good Christian thing to do.