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Today’s Twitter Tuesday Profile puts the spotlight on Kristia, a wife and mom of two young children. She lives in the Northeast where she runs a small business with her husband. Kristia works part-time as the business manager and she also writes her blog and tweets from @fambalancesheet.

OODC: How did you get started blogging and tweeting?
@Fambalancesheet: Being self-employed, we don’t have a company pension or 401k plan to rely on, so back in early 2008 I was researching retirement planning. I came across Get Rich Slowly. It was the first blog I had ever seen. I don’t even think I knew what a blog was at the time. I started reading his posts and the comments from his readers and I was hooked. From his blogroll, I clicked on to other blogs and clicked on their blog rolls and found a whole new world. I have always had an interest in numbers and personal finance, so in October 2008, I started Family Balance Sheet. I focus on family finances, home management, and I throw in cooking and gardening, two of my favorite things.

I discovered Twitter this past winter when the ladies/bloggers from #SavvyBlogging hosted a Twitter party. I had no idea what I was doing at first or even why, but I really enjoy it now.

OODC:You’re challenging your readers to come up with $500 in April. Where did you get the idea for the $500 challenge?
@Fambalancesheet:It was a rough winter in the northeast with lots of snow and days stuck at home. I used the time to start cleaning out closets and drawers. We have accumulated a lot of unnecessary stuff over the years and I was feeling claustrophobic. We also have a summer vacation planned that we need to save money for, so I combined the two together. My plan is to find/earn $500 through selling our stuff and reducing any unnecessary spending in April. I asked my readers to join me because at the same time I was trying to think of ways to get more reader interaction. Quite a few readers have joined me to see how much money they can come up with in the month of April.

OODC:How are you doing in the challenge?
@Fambalancesheet:I am busy preparing for our neighborhood yard sale at the end of April. I am planning on the yard sale to be a huge portion of the $500, so I am also praying for good weather.

OODC:Who are some of your favorite money tweeters?
@Fambalancesheet:I joined the (#Yakezie) Challenge. It is a group of over 50 personal finance bloggers. The goal of the challenge is to focus on quality content and promote the other bloggers so that we can all increase our Alexa ranking, improve our sites, and open up opportunities. It was started by @financialsamura and I follow all of the bloggers in that challenge, people like @PFJourney, @ELLE_CM, @NotMadeOfMoney just to name a few. I also follow along with the ladies of #SavvyBlogging.

Thanks again to @fambalancesheet for being a part of this week’s Twitter Tuesday Profile. Want to be considered for an upcoming profile? Just tweet me!

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  1. Thanks again for profiling me and my blog in this series!! I appreciate it so much.

  2. alison says:

    Thank you Kristia!

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