A Strategy to Winning the Lottery

During my lunch break yesterday I caught Richard Lustig’s visit to the Rachael Ray Show. Richard has won the lottery several times. His first win came in 1992 as he faced a stack of medical bills and a leaky roof. He decided to play a Millionaire Magic scratch-off ticket and ended up winning $10,000 which was just enough to cover his emergencies. Since that first win Richard has won the lottery several other times, with jackpots totally more than a million dollars. Richard told Rachael Ray that there is a lottery winning strategy.

One of our most popular posts here at Out of Debt Christian is one on how winning the lottery can change your life. So I thought you might be interested in hearing about what Richard Lustig has to say. For the Rachael Ray Show he passed out a scratch off ticket to every member in the audience. Seventeen people won, including Richard. Most won a few bucks with the most being $30.

Richard told the audience that hos lottery winning strategy is to buy ten of one ticket instead of several different tickets. He told Rachael Ray that that group

will almost always include at least one winner. Richard also told the audience to never pay Quick Picks. He says it’s better to pick your numbers and stay with them. (I definitely don’t agree with that since the game starts fresh every time. Every number has the same odds of appearing.) According to the Orlando Sentinel, in April there have been 50 jackpot winners in Fantasy 5 and all but seven were Quick Picks. Richard also says to save your losing tickets to offset winning tickets on your tax return. Do you think there’s a strategy for winning the lottery?

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  1. Bill Berg says:

    I always do quick pick, maybe that’s why I can’t win.

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