Twitter Tuesday Profile: @BudgetSavvyDiva

Sara Sicotte, also known as @BudgetSavvyDiva, is a California girl, but she’s also frugal– two things that don’t always seem to go well together. She’s spent all of her 23 years in the Hollywood Hills. She currently lives with her mom, dad and finance. She’s a recent graduate of the University of Southern California and a professional blogger at determined to tell the world how to save money.

OODC: How did you get started blogging and tweeting?
@BudgetSavvyDiva: It really started only six months or so ago when I started Budget Savvy Diva. I have always been a bargain hunter, it was really my family who really pushed me to start; I am so glad they did. I love it!

OODC: You live in southern California which is known more for over-the-top spending. Is it tough to be frugal in the land of designer clothing and convertibles?
@BudgetSavvyDiva:Oh my yes it is difficult to be frugal in Southern California. I am always so surprised how expensive everything can be. It does not help that the sales tax is nearing 10%. I find that restaurants tend to be extremely expensive. But by using discounted gift certificates such as really helps my family be frugal but still enjoy eating out.

OODC: What’s in your stockpile right now?
@BudgetSavvyDiva:Hmm…I have a little bit of everything. I love to stock up on toothbrushes, perfect when you have house guests.

OODC: Who are some of your favorite money tweeters?
@BudgetSavvyDiva:I love @ShopWithSavvy ( Free comparison of the major Los Angeles grocery chains.), @slickdeals ( great for up to the minute bargains.)

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    Thanks for a great interview!!!

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